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National Institutes of Health researchers revealed that more than half of Asian-Americans with diabetes are undiagnosed. They used data collected in 2011-2012 from the CDC’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey reports the journal J.A.M.A .

For the first time since, researchers were able to quantify the prevalence of diabetes amongst Asian-Americans. They found that this group has the highest proportion of undiagnosed diabetes, fifty-one percent as against all ethnic and racial subgroups. Also, that this group often developed type 2 diabetes at a lower body mass index.

Hispanic-Americans have the highest prevalence of diabetes and a lower proportion of undiagnosed diabetes than the Asians.


Non-Hispanic Whites have the lowest prevalence of diabetes at eleven percent and they have the lowest proportion of undiagnosed diabetes at just over thirty-two percent.

This hard data helped to learn of a problem that had not been well-studied in the past, said Author of the study, Andy Menke. He added, the Asian population was diverse and they did have only negligible data on differences within that population.

E64 – Are Asian Americans Shy of Being Diagnosed Diabetic? –

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