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homeless diabetic patients

Homeless Not Hopeless.

Diabetes And Homelessness
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
According to a survey conducted in 2007, by the National Law Center on homelessness and poverty, more than 3 1/2 million people in the United States are homeless. A few live in shelters, some bunk on couches, while still others double- and triple-up temporarily with other people in houses or apartments. There are also those who live on the street on in cars.
Homelessness is a huge fear for anyone; not having a shelter over your head, not knowing when your next meal will be. These are very genuine fears. Add diabetes to the mix and life can be unbearable.
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The probability of Type 2 diabetes is higher among the homeless as compared to the general population. This is obviously because the challenges of treating this condition is compounded by circumstances. When one has the security of a home it makes it easier to deal with health issues, because there are support systems and infrastructure in place. You have storage place to store your medicines, a fridge and a kitchen to cook and keep perishable commodities. These are things we pretty much take for granted. It is no wonder then, that a homeless diabetic’s life is fraught with handicaps to effective diabetes care.
Things like good nutrition, exercise and regularly testing blood sugar levels takes a backseat, when one is worrying about whether anyone is going to steal their belongings and the stress homeless people have to live with on a daily basis. Stress has been known to affect diabetes and its treatment, directly.
Treating diabetes is a challenging task for any healthcare professional, but treating homeless diabetic patients is doubly-challenging.
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