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Diabetes and Anxiety

Mind Frick. Diabetes and Anxiety.

Diabetes and Anxiety
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
Occasional anxiety is a part of life. Everyone feels anxious at some point in life or the other. The feeling is normal, but how one deals with this feeling is what differentiates normal anxiety from an anxiety disorder.
Being diagnosed with diabetes is bad enough, but to compound it further by getting overly anxious is very detrimental for any person. Sometimes the patient is so preoccupied with the disease that their whole life and those around them also get affected.
Diabetes and Anxiety
Wake up, Shape up!
People suffering from diabetes are approximately 20% more likely to suffer from anxiety than those without diabetes. For diabetics, anxiety concerns can affect the management of the disease, making it more difficult for them to handle.  Now, they not only have to manage normal life stressors but are further saddled with the additional stress and anxiety that come with managing a serious illness.
People having diabetes get anxious about a multitude of issues:
Understanding and knowing the risks
Diabetic Coach
  1. How they will effectively manage their blood sugar level
  2. Probable long- term complications
  3. How their condition is perceived by outsiders- colleagues, and friends
  4. Perceived restrictions in their life – food related, career related
  5. Wondering if they are a burden on their family/ partner
  6. Monetary ramifications of their illness
  7. How will they effectively run their home
  8. How will they raise their children
  9. Fearful that if they leave the house/ comfort zone something will happen to them
Examples of mild anxiety can often be dealt with behavior changes and without medication. Pursuing an interest/hobby, meditation and exercise have all been demonstrated to help calm anxiety.
We can dia-beat-this!
When anxiety becomes severe and overly intrusive, an anxiety disorder is often diagnosed.  Anxiety disorders are also common among individuals with diabetes. Professional help should be sought and treatment started, to effectively deal with it.
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