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Diabetes and Margarine
Cheap things no good, good things no cheap

Moron Troublemaker. Margarine.

Diabetes and Margarine
No More ‘Sadi-betes’!
One of the greatest fat storing foods, which can also increase your weight but it also has far more serious health risks, is Margarine. Like many oils and spreads, most margarine contain trans-fat. Trans-fats are formed when hydrogen is added to make it solid and less likely to spoil, it’s added to prolong shelf life. Ingesting these trans-fats can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease as well as weight gain. Cardiovascular disease is on the rise with heart disease being the number one killer in America and Diabetes is not far behind. Trans-fats have also been proven to increase your LBL levels, commonly known as bad cholesterol. While at the same time, wiping out your HDL levels, or good cholesterol.
Diabetes and Margarine
We can ‘dia-beat-this’!
So, it’s a double whammy on your body. It can cause you to gain weight, wipe out your good cholesterol, increase your bad cholesterol by building up plaque in your arteries and doing more harm than good. People must adjust what they’re eating to more healthy alternatives, like butter instead of margarine.
Butter has fat in it too, but it’s a saturated fat that your body can burn for fuel instead of building up plaque in your arteries, like trans-fats can do. You’ll start eating foods that don’t wreak havoc on your hormones, your arteries or your blood sugar levels. Your body will immediately thank you as it sheds inches and melts the extra pounds away.
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