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Sugar Lobby v. Future Generations. The New Tobacco.

Sugar lobby v. Health of future generations
Sugar is Addictive
Brave New World. Instead of pushing sugar into the mouths of people destined to get diabetes type 2, the sugar lobby must explore other alternatives for the sale of their products.
Diabetics need legislation to make changes to the way the sugar industry behaves. Not only for our diabetics but for future generations – government intervention is required. We have learnt our lesson from tobacco, cigarette smoking – the direct link to lung cancer and the cost to humanity.
Sugar lobby v. Health of future generations
Sugar addiction is the state of addiction to sugar consumption.
Advertising is a powerful, pervasive and pernicious industry, which is giving harmful and dangerous messages about sugar. How long can society afford the health related costs of the rising diabetes pandemic?
Food labeling laws are not as well written as they need to be. Hidden sugar is in many products like high fructose syrup, for example. The existence of high sugar content within a product is not required to be mentioned. This and many other issues should be addressed.
Education Departments can make useful rules and regulations regarding the availability of certain food and drink products on sale for school children.
The food industry and science will adapt to the new public demands. The sugar tycoons need not fear. Sugar cane can be made into ethanol for powering vehicles and other socially useful products. The sugar industry has huge resources and lots of scientific acumen to adjust the direction of its success . Instead of pushing the sugar into the hands and mouths of people destined to get diabetes type 2, they should promote other alternatives.
E131 – Sugar is the New Tobacco –
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