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World Diabetes Awareness Day
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Without Putting Too Fine A Point On It. Juvenile Diabetes.

This year, World Diabetes Awareness Day, are calling for the need for awareness of the financial costs surrounding diabetes. Diabetic patients have the lifetime expense of medication, monitors, meters and cool bags at the very least. The hidden costs to the family and the community are also very high.
From everywhere we hear the diabetes mellitus is a pandemic. This pandemic affects the wider community in so many ways. Take the single mother with one child suffering from diabetes. She must earn enough money to support herself and her child, pay for the rent, the school fees and the diabetes medicines. At night, she must also wake every 2 hours to check her child’s blood sugar levels to make sure that the child does not have a seizure or go into a coma whilst asleep.
The role of good sleep cannot be understated in a discussion about diabetes and health. Both the mother and her child in this scenario suffer compromised sleep. How can this possibly support their individual efforts to achieve any health improvement.? How can a parent stay healthy and be able to produce income whilst sleep deprived on a permanent basis?
Doctors advise that regular meals at regular times and proper sleep at regular times promote balance in the blood sugar levels during the child’s sleep. Doctors also say that extra activity, illness or meals may adversely affect the blood sugar levels during sleep. Children going to school experience fluctuations in their routines at times. That is part and parcel of life. This also explains why parents need to monitor the blood sugar levels of their children every night during sleep.
On World Diabetes Awareness Day 2015, juvenile diabetics are making health providers and medical insurance companies and Governments sit-up and become aware of their needs. Juvenile diabetics need continuous glucose monitors which check blood sugar levels day and night and provide audible alarms when the levels fluctuate. These monitors and other systems are very expensive. They are also necessary to ensure that further deleterious (causing harm or damage) impacts do not occur to the diabetic patients and their families.
E61 – Awareness of Juvenile Diabetes –
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