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LDL HDL Cholesterol and Diabetes


Share High cholesterol is important to understand – what that is and why it is important to keep it under control. Cholesterol a fat like substance is made by your liver. It also comes from some foods you intake and this is then packaged into particles called lipoproteins. Your body needs cholesterol to make hormones, vitamin D and a substance …

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Preventing Pre-Diabetes

preventing pre-diabetes

Share What you eat, when you eat and how you feel after you eat, all can help determine if you are living with pre-diabetes. Pre-diabetes is referring to when your fasting glucose levels are going up, usually you can also see haemoglobin and A1C is starting to climb. It is not necessarily in the diabetic range but it is steadily …

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Check Your Blood Sugar Level… Correctly!

Share Are You in it, to Win it? This article will teach you how to correctly check your blood sugar levels. Learning how to check your blood sugar level helps you make early decisions about managing your diabetes. Checking your blood sugar involves sticking your finger with a lancet and testing your blood with a glucose metre. Your healthcare provider …

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Fungal Yeast Infections and the Diabetic Response

fungal yeast infections

Share If your diabetes is not being managed, in reaction to the increased sugar, your body may develop a yeast infection. Also, changes to vaginal acidity, can occur due to diabetes and causes yeast to overgrow. These infections are annoying and uncomfortable, but can often be cured without a doctor’s appointment. We’re covered in germs, including yeasts and fungi, which …

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Diabetic about Town with a Functional Neurological Disorder

Share My diabetic friend, has also been diagnosed with a functional neurological disorder. So is she actually ill, or not? ‘Functional’ symptoms are symptoms that people experience without any underlying cause being found, despite extensive tests. This isn’t the same as making them up for sympathy or personal/financial gain. They feel very real, but with no outward signs and negative …

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