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dark chocolate diabetes benefits
Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate and Diabetics – The most chocking liberty.

dark chocolate and diabetes
We can dia-beat-this!

Dark Chocolate, a dessert for diabetics who must not feel deprived of the little sweet something after dinner!!!


Gone are the days when people suffering from diabetes were made to crave for piece of chocolate for months. Various studies by scientists have shown that Dark Chocolate can be consumed by people suffering from diabetes but of course in moderate and controlled portions.

dark chocolate and diabetes

People suffering from type 2 diabetes can consume up to 20 gms of dark chocolate per day. This helps to increase the sensitivity towards insulin and helps control glucose levels. The increased sensitivity towards insulin also helps to prevent the development of type 2 diabetes with people already suffering from pre-diabetes.

Consumption of dark chocolate though good for diabetics, must be allowed only in tandem with the dietician and should be adjusted in the meal plan very efficiently so that it does not turn out to be detrimental to the patient. One must check on dark chocolate allergies as well, so that complications are kept at bay.

So go binge, that little piece of back gold is waiting for you!

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