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Diabetes, the Multiple Destroyer and Me

Diabetic Coach
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I have been diabetic for almost forty years. The disease/disorder is caused by inadequate or inefficient control of blood sugar by the pancreas, an organ located in the abdominal left side of the human body. Within the pancreas lie tiny islets called the Islets of Langerans, which produce an enzyme called Insulin, which checks blood sugar from getting out of control.
Diabetes is a potent, silent, strong killer. It has affected my body and mind, causing multiple damage physically. I feel 26th June 2007, I was operated for emergency Bypass Surgery, due to five arterial cardiac blockages of 90 percent and over, my condition was critical. The major cause: Diabetes Mellitus of type II.
Today my heart is on the mend. The key factor: Efficient management through diet, medication and exercise – The three pillars of diabetic – cardiac management
Other organs of my body are also damaged. My eyes: vision is badly affected, both close range and distant.
There is circulatory and cellular degradation with effects to my legs and hands and can be termed as diabetic neuropathy.
My Liver is enlarged. Digestion is often impaired, causing bloating of the abdomen.
The kidneys can be seriously damaged.
The skeletal system – bones are brittle and fractured silently.
Consequences of Type II Diabetes
We can dia-beat-this!
DIABETES Is A Multiple Destroyer. Lethal damage to the body does also depress the mind. On several occasions, I feel mentally low.
Living with diabetes covers many aspects. Inadequate control of blood sugar is always a looming threat. Diet has to be watched and balanced carefully. We cannot take food intake lightly because neglect can be very dangerous. This is the lesson in life, I have learnt the hard way.
Exercise, medication and diet, on a regular basis are key factors in the life of a diabetic. The consequences could be disastrous.
E55 – Diabetes, the multiple destroyer and Me –
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