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Diabetes Type 2 and AIDS

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What do Diabetes and AIDS have in common ? One answer is inflammation. Dr. Garry Fettke has an interesting presentation about how one cause of inflammation is modern food, in a video called A “Nutritional” model of the Inflammation and Modern Disease.

Type 2
Key Point

The supposition with AIDS/HIV is that the cells of the body are inflamed. The immune system is attacked and weakened and makes the body susceptible to other infections.  HIV chronically infects the body; cells and tissues are destroyed and then heal, activating the immune system. This leads to an overstimulated immune system that can become burned out or weakened. The amount of inflammation in the body may be causing damage on a cellular level which can lead to heart, liver, kidney disease and greater levels of bone loss.

Type 2
Type 2 diabetes can often be controlled with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

 Internal inflammation plays a role in diabetes type 2 also. With type 2 diabetes not enough insulin is produced or the body cannot use the insulin adequately. Insulin may also have an impact on body tissues. Its effects on tissue are influenced by many factors, including obesity and the accumulation of fat around the belly and on major organs in the abdomen. The fat cells can produce chemicals that lead to inflammation.

Dr. Gary Fettke emphasizes how food like polyunsaturated fats, sugar and highly refined carbohydrates in combination can be highly toxic. Modern foods are mass produced now and cheaper but to a certain extent lack nutritional value. He suggests a diet of low sugar, low carbohydrates and minimal polyunsaturated fats to curb the tendency towards inflammation which is aggravating diabetes and other diseases.

The good news is that : an “anti-inflammatory” diet and exercise plan can help prevent complications in type 2 diabetes and can lessen the  harmful effects of inflammation in AIDS .

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