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Okra. Veggify Your Diabetes!

Studies and research over the past few years have concluded that though not a sure shot remedy for diabetes, Okra has proven to be a great aid in helping to maintain blood sugar levels and is a great natural remedy for diabetics.
There are a couple of ways in which this vegetable can be consumed to help balance sugar level. Either one can soak the vegetable through the night and drink the water the next morning or else one can consume powdered seeds and peel extracts which has also proved to be very effective in maintaining the sugar level and also reducing triglyceride levels.
Ladies finger cannot be the only source of medication that one should depend on while treating this disease. It should be used as an added supplement to the routine medication suggested by the doctors.
Besides helping in reduction of diabetes the vegetable also has a lot of other benefits:
Ladies finger is a very good source of fibre and hence helps improve digestion and reduce the risk of heart diseases.
The extract helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
Ladies finger has a very low glycemic index of about 20 and hence good for diabetics.
This veggie contains a number of antioxidants, like catechin, epicatechin, procyanidin, quercetin, rutin and vitamin A, B, C, and K; as well as the minerals zinc, copper, potassium, manganese and magnesium.
All-in-all Okra has a large number of benefits that will help the body in a number of ways and hence, consuming this vegetable will be an added bonus always!
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