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Cut the Sugar Addiction

sugar addiction
Processed food is making us sick.
sugar addiction
Can you have a sugar addiction?
sugar addiction
How do you beat a sugar addiction?

Think of a sugary food you feel out of control around and imagine eating it mixed with the food you find most disgusting. Imagine chewing it and swallowing. Do this whenever a craving strikes.

Imagine yourself at the end of your life. You’ve continued eating a lot of sugar and you‘re ill. Think about what advice the sick, older you would give you now. Then picture yourself as an elderly having controlled your sugar intake. You’ve lived a long, healthy life because you made that change.

How do I cut sweets out of my diet?

To defend against adverts for sugary foods and drinks, when you see one, recast the slim, beautiful people in it with the overweight, unhealthy people they’d be if they regularly ate or drank the product.

sugar addiction
How do you wean off sugar?

Spend a week “sugar spotting” by checking food labels for words like sucrose, dextrose, fructose and saccharose and noting down when you see them. Soon you’ll be aware of just how much sugar is all around us.

Keep a journal for a week of the times and places you were tempted to eat sugar. For the top five temptations, design a small change to your routine. For example, if you normally have an orange juice with breakfast, change the time you have breakfast. These small changes disrupt our usual patterns of behaviour and help us form new ones.

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