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Walnuts and Diabetes, Pinpointing it


Walnuts! Wake up to this Wonder.  A complete food that provides a rich combination of healthful substances. These substances like omega-3 fatty acids, gamma tocopherol (a form of vitamin E), polyphenols and antioxidants work in synergy to overcome various diseases.

Are walnuts good for you if you have diabetes?

Walnuts contain very high levels of healthy fatty acids. These fatty acids have proven to be very helpful in reducing inflammation in the body and protecting the body against diabetes, heart disease, cancer and arthritis. Additionally it showed through research that regular consumption by young men also increases the level of fertility.

Are Walnuts good for cholesterol?

Walnuts are especially very helpful with combating type II diabetes and possess a very unique ability to give the blood vessels a much needed tune-up in people suffering from diabetes. They help to improve the endothelial function which is very required because it is the endothelial cells that start to malfunction when people with diabetes start developing vascular disesases. They are very rich in alpa-lenolic acid which helps to maintain the arteries in good condition. These nuts are also a very good source of L-argininre, an amino acid which relaxes the blood vessels and helps maintain blood pressure.

Which is the best way to lower blood sugar?

Besides providing all the above benefits there is one more addition to this goody bag, which is – no effect on the weight and waist line! The high levels of protein and fibre of this nut prevents one from overeating or rather eating less overall.

So let’s phrase it simply….a few walnuts a day, keeps diseases at bay!


E110 – Diabetes and Walnuts –

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