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Diabetic Patients Insulted by English MP

About a week before Diabetes Awareness Day 14th November 2015, an English MP publicly apologised for saying diabetes could be avoided “through good diet and exercise”. Caroline Mortimer reported this on 9th November 2015 in
It is a good thing that the MP apologized,and that misconceptions are revealed and reported. Obviously the general level of knowledge about diabetes is very low. To say, that such an illness can be avoided by good diet and exercise would be wonderful, if it were true. However, the truth is that diabetes is sometimes referred to as the “silent killer”. It is a very serious medical condition.
The English MP also referred to the much used concept of “good diet”.  What is a “good diet”?  Dealing with the so-called “good diet”, there is a story which goes like this. Once upon a time, good food was easy to obtain. Fresh fish, eggs and meat would come from the local butcher. Fruits and vegetables were not sprayed with pesticide. Crops were not genetically modified or sprayed with glycosulphate. Bakery items and fried products were not expected to have a long shelf life. Balancing the food groups properly was understood to be a good diet.
Nowadays, food is presented for sale very differently. The modern concept of ‘good diet” needs complete review. Foodstuffs purchased in supermarkets today are cleverly packaged with many labels such as’ healthy’ and ‘trans -fat- free’ and ‘ farm fresh’. These descriptions are actually meaningless but they may satisfy the unwitting customer who is looking to have a “good diet”. Foods are given preservatives and additives to lengthen shelf life. They are packaged in questionable and sometimes unsafe material. Some fruit and vegetables are known to be injected with sweeteners and dyes. Milled products can be adulterated. Not all food labeled as organic has been certified as such. Health bars may contain very high quantities of sugar. Fruit juice may not be pure or freshly squeezed. Processed meats and cheese may contain harmful chemicals. Farm chickens may have been injected with hormones and antibiotics and their eggs may actually be unhealthy. Should one cook with “cholesterol free” vegetable oil or coconut oil?  What is the difference between one oil and another? Is brown sugar better?
World Diabetes Awareness Day will come soon and hopefully start conversations about what is good food especially for the diabetic, what frequency and what types of exercise constitute ” enough ” exercise for diabetic patients. Most importantly, the conversations around the types of diabetes, the causes of diabetes, the symptoms and treatment of diabetes will no longer be full of global misconceptions.
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