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Parkinson's and diabetes
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Sniffer Dogs.

wake up and smell the pandemic.
Sixty-five-year-old grandmother, Joy Milne, sniffed out people who had Parkinson’s just from the T-shirts they had worn over night. She could identify the patients merely from the scent they left behind as they slept.
It all started with the disease developing in her late husband, Les.
According to Metro, Milne thought that her ability to sniff out the disease was run of the mill. It was only when she told scientists at the University of Edinburgh about it, that she realized the ability was something special.
The new study is being conducted by Parkinson’s
The entire concept of sniffing out a disease in those who were diagnosed with Parkinson, was incredible enough to shock the scientists but Milne could even sniff out the disease in people who were about to be diagnosed . She was tested to authenticate her claim. Her ability shocked the researchers.
HomeCare Reports, that the new study is being conducted by Parkinson’s U.K., under director of research, Arthur Roach. It aims to find out if skin odor is any indicator of the disease’s presence.
“Funding pioneering studies like this have the potential to throw Parkinson’s into a completely new light,” said Roach. “Not just on early diagnosis, but it would also make it a lot easier to identify people to test drugs that may have the potential to slow, or even stop Parkinson’s, something no current drug can achieve.”
Is it possible that each disease affecting the human body brings its own odour to the patients’ scent? Will we soon be able to diagnose the onset of diabetes by the change in body odour or the smell of the mouth? That would be a timely warning!
E53 – Is it possible to sniff out diabetes by its smell? –
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