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Ayurveda and diabetes

Ayurveda. No Promises, Cash Advances Or Advertising.

Ayurveda, 'Life Knowledge'.
Though doctors warn diabetics against Ayurveda, they agree that yoga can help people to avoid the condition if they are in the high-risk group.
Ayurvedic medicine is an Indian holistic practice of treatment that was originated by the Brahmins centuries ago. It is a unique and comprehensive form of healthcare that treats the individual as a whole, rather than isolating and treating individual symptoms. Ayurvedic medicine adapts itself to the individual and can be tailor-made for individual characteristics.
Say. nO! Sugar.
Controlling Type II Diabetes is all about modifying your lifestyle.
Diabetes is mentioned as the eight most risky disease in Ayurveda, amongst the 20 types of the diseases classified. These are associated with Phlegm, Gall and Gestational diabetes. Diabetes linked to Phlegm and Gall have been known to be cured with correct medication. Gas related diabetes, such as diabetes mellitus, also known as Madhumeha, common amongst the indigenous population, typically is a lifelong condition. This too, can be controlled through regular physical activity, diet and body weight control with proper medication. As seen, Ayurveda uses a multidisciplinary approach to diabetes.
Several studies have linked Ayurvedic medicine, Yoga and diabetes in a positive light.
Yoga, the ancient Indian approach to stress control and exercise, promotes physical exercise, mental discipline and voluntary control of the autonomic nervous system. Yoga practice includes muscle stretching, breathing exercises, behavioral modification and diet control through mental discipline. It is established that control over stress and exercise has a positive therapeutic benefit in Diabetes Mellitus Management.
There are 200 million diabetic patients in the world and this number has been steadily rising by 7 million yearly. This menace can be handled or prohibited from getting complicated through early diagnosis, timely medication and awareness.
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