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Diabetes and Wu Wei Wisdom

No More ‘Sadi-betes’
The Principle

There are many integrative health practitioners, who are combining traditional Chinese medicine practices such as acupuncture and Qigong meditation, with ‘Wu Wei Wisdom’ therapy.

The Method

‘Wu Wei’ (pronounced ‘woo-way’) the ancient Chinese Taoist principle of creating balance and harmony is believed to be the secret to lasting health and happiness.

Many patients engrossed by Eastern wellbeing practices when meditating say it helps to overcome even their diabetic state. There is a saying in Chinese medicine that ‘the health symptoms may be the same, but the person suffering is unique’.

When working with diabetics, one is always looking for the particular imbalance in their emotional or physical energy or ‘Qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’) that is causing their ill health or unhappiness. This diagnosis allows for the opportunity to create a tailored treatment to re-balance their energy.

The Strategy

Often, patients manifest physical problems, such as bad backs, muscular pain or tension, but the underlying cause is related to a deeper emotional health imbalance, such as stress, anxiety and depression. Other diabetics may be struggling with confidence, family or relationship issues, or need support as they search for a deeper sense of purpose in their life.

The Dose

Using a range of complementary therapies can be very effective. For example, use acupuncture to treat any physical discomfort, or meditation techniques to help relax and also talking-therapy to help them understand their deeper emotional issues helps. This holistic mind body approach is at the heart of ‘Wu Wei Wisdom’.

‘Wu Wei Wisdom’ is applicable to beat the usual decline in later-life activity too. Walking a dog shows that activity levels are 20% higher and you spend 30 minutes less sitting down. In fact walking a dog is considered so great in health benefits that it is prescribed to keep people fit in their old age.

E229 – Diabetes and Wu-Wei Wisdom –

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