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International Women’s Day and Hormonal Changes


Diabetic women want quality of Life.  Diabetic care means Quality of Life.

First, know the diabetes symptoms in women.


Second, pay close attention to sugar levels by monitoring; be vigilant about keeping the levels acceptable. The body is not doing this. So you must do it for yourself. As important as cleaning your teeth twice daily, you must monitor your sugar levels about 5 times per day, record the time and level of the readings and the amount of food and drink you ingested and the time. And keep that recorder (smartphone) with you wherever you go.

Third, if blood sugar levels are not acceptable, take necessary remedial steps immediately.

This is more work, you may say. Look at it this way. Your pancreas are not maintaining your blood sugar levels at healthy – the consequences of very low or very high blood sugar levels can be catastrophic.


Mother Nature insists, that you connect, with what is going on in your body. To women with diabetes, she is saying, “look after your self first”.

Additionally, female hormones are continually orchestrating the menstrual cycle. Birth control issues further impact women’s health. Go to your women’s health clinic so that you receive appropriate advice, medication and know the various possible symptoms and risks.

Signs of diabetes in women include fluctuating sugar levels in the pre-menstrual phase, as hormones change.

Women with diabetes and sex problems, may attribute their low libido or disinterest to fatigue. Low female hormone levels may cause vaginal dryness. Yeast infections with all their unpleasant side effects and must be treated. Good blood sugar control is always required. (There may be added reasons for sexual problems, investigate further.)

Womens’ health is directly linked to hormonal changes. After menopause, hormone replacement therapy may be discussed but always consider the importance of, Quality of Life!

E173– International Women’s Day and Hormonal Changes –

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