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OUTRAGEOUS Diabetic Diet scams: 200 calories per!


There are some crazy reports of drastic diets on the Internet.


Diabetic patients, who have been prescribed medication for their condition, should not attempt any special diets in lieu of medicine without their doctor’s permission.

By all means, eat in a healthier way and do exercise. These kinds of lifestyle changes may lead to the need for medication dose reduction and even medication withdrawal. The point is that it is very important that the patient stay within the purview of the doctor.


There are many stories about diabetic patients doing drastic unsupervised diets in order to avoid using medication.

Type 2 Diabetes can affect the heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes, kidneys and life span. It is a serious condition. It can be managed by diet alone sometimes. With very careful attention to food and drink consumption and exercise regimes, it is possible for certain people. Unsupervised diets are very dangerous.


 The lifestyle aspect of the Type 2 diabetes epidemic relates in part to the amount of sugar in food available in supermarkets. So many products nowadays have hidden sugar in them. The dramatic rise of obesity these days are in part due to this problem.  If one is lucky enough to have access to accurate labeling on the packaged food products one wants, one should look at the amount of sugar, carbohydrate, glucose and fat therein.

Having diabetes is not a joke and neither Asterix nor Dietrix should advise on diets for diabetics.

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