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Follow the protocol.

ED prevention, Avoid Dejection Caused By Failed Erection.

Avoid Dejection Caused By Failed Erection. Prevent ED.
We can dia-beat-this!
As soon as a man is diagnosed with diabetes, please note that he is at risk of  ED.
Prevention is better than cure :-
Ensure that your blood circulation is good. That means exercising.  Good blood circulation is key to penile erection. It also means quitting smoking. Smoking affects the  blood circulatory system.
Avoid Dejection Caused By Failed Erection. Prevent ED.
Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
.     Be particular about your blood sugar levels
.     Do not wear tight jeans.
.     Lead a healthy active life, lose weight and sleep a lot
.     Re-assess your life goals particularly your career  goals and be realistic about your potential and opportunities so that you do not create negative stress for yourself.
 Regular exercise has many benefits; one will lose weight, meet people and form healthy habits with others who also care about themselves. The blood circulatory system will be enhanced. This is an essential factor in the fight against ED. Regular exercise could mean  going to the gym, or playing football in a team. Maybe one enjoys swimming every morning or cycling during the lunch break. There are solitary forms of exercise and there are team sports.
Some types of sport require equipment and fancy accoutrements and some do not. Maybe one would like to take up  several different forms of exercise. Walk up the stairs to the office. Take every opportunity to move. All these strategies will help with de-stressing.
It is useful to know your options in the event of ED. There are medical solutions to ED which involve medication, surgery and special gadgets. One must discuss all these options with one’s physician.
E148 – Prevent ED. Avoid Dejection Caused By Failed Erection –
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