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Put a little sugar in my bowl
Erectile Dysfunction

ED. Put A Little Sugar In My Bowl.

Put a little sugar in my bowl
My ex said, i needed Viagra. she was wrong all I needed was Ginger for variety.
So you are anxious about what you heard about diabetes – related erectile dysfunction(ED)? Low libido? Premature or delayed ejaculation?
Maybe men do not realise this, but women do not always need to be coaxed into bed with a huge hunky stereotypically sexy men. Everybody watches movies and sees the James Bond-like gods. What everybody wants is real fun.
When one girl was a virgin, she asked a boyfriend to teach her how to make love. They started kissing. She did not know that she had a very sensitive clitoris and when he gently stroked it, she gave him such a kick that he fell off the bed.

They laughed so much they were crying. Be delighted by the divine comedy of the sexual conversation. Many women have outstanding pleasure with kind, funny and thoughtful men.
The advertising media and the movie industry put far too much emphasis on certain body types, particular physical attributes and automatic erections. The actual coming together of two people who share so much more than simple physical attraction is often ignored. Humour and compatibility are so sexy. The point is slow down and enjoy togetherness. Now that you have been diagnosed with diabetes, this may be one way where you could change your attitude.
If there is a failure of an erection once in a while, this does not mean that there is a dysfunction. ED is a condition that may need medical intervention, medication and or surgery. The first swallow does not the summer make.
E112 – Put a little sugar in my bowl –
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