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Low Testosterone in Men
Low Testosterone in Men

“Will you still need me? Will you still feed me, When I’m 63?”…Low Testosterone in Men

Contaceptive patches
Low Testosterone in Men
These days, men are self-medicating with testosterone.  The hormone comes in the form of topical gels, skin patches, implants and nasal sprays.  Male insecurity about age-related decreasing sexual performance levels is being exploited. Doctors are not even consulted.
Testosterone boosting supplements are the new Viagra.
The fact is that the gradual decline in male testosterone production is normal in men as they age.   The symptoms of the decline could be a decrease in sexual desire, fewer spontaneous erections, lower energy levels, lower confidence, diminished muscle strength and less hair growth.
Sex is easy, meaningful relationships are hard
Beware The Risks
Why not take testosterone-boosting supplements? The answer is very simpleThe side effects include risk of blood clots in the veins. Clots can lodge in the lung causing pulmonary embolism. Other risks include stroke, heart attack and sleep apnea. Like all fads, they have not been proved to be safe over time.
Be warned: in advanced cases of prostate cancer, natural testosterone production is intentionally repressed. It does not make sense to use hormone therapy unless a doctor prescribes it.
There are environmental problems associated with the use of skin patches and topical gels. The family members of men wearing patches or gel are also at risk of accidentally coming in contact with the hormone; this is particularly dangerous for children. When a father lifts or hugs his child, he can unwittingly transfer testosterone to the child by skin contact.
So why not age gracefully? Intense sexual activity heightens mood but so do other things. Heavy and well-managed gym training supervised by expert trainers can also replicate that “happy orgasmic” mood that endorphins produce. That is only one way to ‘feel good’ naturally.
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