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Diabetes and the Deadly Effects of Alcohol.

Diabetes and Alcohol
No More ‘Sadi-betes’

Wondering if you can have a drink with dinner or go pub-hopping with your friends?

Being diabetic, consuming alcohol in limitation is ok, but it is important to remember that the key is moderation- anything in excess can spell danger.

Diabetes and Alcohol 2
Follow the protocol.

Being diabetic, means one needs to pay attention to certain things while drinking. Drinking on an empty stomach is a complete no-no. Also one should only drink, if ones blood sugar levels are under control, as alcohol will cause blood sugar and triglyceride levels to rise.

Excessive drinking will cause low blood sugar which can be dangerous because the symptoms of excess alcohol and hypoglycemia are similar and can lend to confusion for treatment.

Do not swallow your drink in one gulp, learn to savor it slowly and make it last. Ensure that you have a zero calorie drink handy, like water, or soda so you can keep sipping from it to stay hydrated. After drinking, make sure you are not driving for at least a few hours. A most important point, always wear an I.D that states that you are a diabetic.

Diabetes and Alcohol 3
Vigilant metabolic monitoring informs treatment decisions.

Alcohol fuels appetite, which can result in overeating. So one needs to vigilant about that. It can also affect judgment and cause you to make poor choices or wrong decisions. Excess alcohol consumption can cause nausea, flushing, slurred speech and increased pulse, which has also been known to interfere with the effects of oral diabetic medication or insulin.

If one chooses to drink alcohol, it is imperative to be aware of the pitfalls of consumption and the tips provided, so that one can stay within reasonable limits and not overindulge. Keep your medical team in the loop so that they are aware of your frequency of drinking and can advise you sensibly.

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