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Diabetes is NOT the leading cause of major complications

Diabetes does not mean complications. When I heard “diabetes is not the leading cause of blindness, kidney disease, or losing a limb,” my life swerved. Ever since my diagnosis thirty years earlier, I lived in fear. Would my diabetes complications change my fate? Hearing these new words, I felt elated. Like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My diabetes management and my life instantly improved.

Diabetes complications
The Major Types of Long-Term Diabetes Complications

A diabetes psychologist and founder of an Institute, had once uttered these few words at a “Coping with Diabetes” workshop. To my astonishment, those around me felt the same way. How could it be that what we have been hearing our entire diabetic lives was untrue? The truth is, “Poorly controlled diabetes is the leading cause of these outcomes.” In that moment I recognized the absolute power of truth and the handicapping power of myths.

Diabetes complications
In reality, a majority of patients do not achieve recommended treatment targets, neither regarding the HbA1c level, nor the recommendations regarding blood pressure and lipid level.

Long years of dread-ahead changed to hope and delight: hope that if I managed my diabetes well, major complications would never be my fate. At another Diabetes workshop, for people who had “gotten off track” with their diabetes management, I further learned that some people are more diligent in their diabetes management than others.

diabetes complications
Certain factors increase the risk

Whereas there are several reasons why people give up: their information is inadequate and/or they have no emotional support; these patients don’t think their efforts make a difference; their focus is on how diabetes works rather than on the rewards of that work; and they believe diabetes has to be managed perfectly—a falsehood many suffer from—and therefore feel a setback, even before starting diabetes management.

Talking with Doctors, particularly a clinical psychologist, I learned that maintaining perfect blood sugars is both unnecessary, impossible and your diabetes management is likely to drive you insane!

E210 – Diabetes is NOT the leading cause of major complications –

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