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Diabetes and Menstrual Cycle


Dealing with those bloody days of the month!


Might be surprising but yes, blood glucose levels do get affected during the menstrual cycle. The effect varies from woman to woman, but one must monitor the changes that occur before, during and post those bloody days.


In some cases the glucose levels may drastically drop whereas in some cases they will drastically rise before and during the period days. One must closely monitor the pattern by regularly measuring the sugar levels around the dates so that, if on insulin shots the dosage can be determined especially for those days.


The reason for such erratic changes is due to the changes in the level of hormones, oestrogen and progesterone which induces temporary resistance to insulin. In case of some women, the change might be constant every month and in some cases it may even vary monthly so best is to monitor closely and set up the dosage regularly.


Another issue occurring during periods is hunger pangs; this might happen not only with diabetic women but also with those not suffering from diabetes. In regular cases this might not be a very big cause of concern but with women suffering from diabetes this kind of hunger bouts might take the regular diet for a complete toss and lead to major upheavals in sugar levels which is not at all healthy.

One must definitely try and avoid adding those extra carbs and curb cravings for foods like white breads, rice etc. Trying to work out with the dietician and adding on some healthy snack items would be a good option. So as a woman get set to take on that little extra challenge and deal with your body during the menstrual cycle.

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