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This IWD, We Wish You One Big Ambrosia of Hormonal Sensations.

This International Women’s Day (IWD), we  toast, Champions of Gender Parity. From pre-puberty, puberty, PMS, perimenopause and menopause – diabetic and non-diabetic women have a greater understanding of how female hormones impact everyday life. Having always lived with hormonal symptoms, women adapt easier to the passing of time and their bodily changes. Symptoms of hormonal change includes – constant fatigue, night sweats, skin changes, hair changes, weird menstrual cycle, emotional and metabolic problems.

A woman’s life overall, is one big ambrosia of hormonal sensations.

Women with diabetes experience more cardiovascular diseases and have increased dyslipidemia compared with non-diabetic women. Hormonal imbalances can affect the seratonin levels in the brain, too.

When oestrogen levels rapidly decline in older women, hormones can unbalance your life; it negatively impacts your metabolism, mental health, energy, libido and appetite.

One of the many factors that affects each unique female specimen is, the ageing process. You can’t change your physiology but you can nurture yourself. As an older diabetic, pay attention to salt in your diet. Cut sugar, limit caffeine to ease both – physical and emotional symptoms of hormonal changes. Look for recipes with beans, nuts, legumes and fortified bread or cereal and don’t forget your vitamin or supplement intake.

Hormone therapy remains with conflicting results. It can help with relieving symptoms, such as hot flashes and therefore there is a tendency to favour the hormone use and diabetic women who have taken HRT, showed better glycemic control. Recent Initiative studies however state, that post-menopausal oestrogen isn’t such a good idea.

Hormones, involve and inspire change in every woman. Hormones are what guides the Feminine Mystique. The three phases of Eve’s evolution – maiden, mother, wise old woman. Hormones drive the nesting instinct and it is what can turn the nicest woman into a crazed hormonal she-beast.

This International Woman’s Day, we  toast, the Champions of Gender Parity and #PLEDGEFORPARITY!

EF – International Woman’s Day –

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