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If You’ve Got the Running Itch…

Running around like a headless chicken.
No More Sadi-betes!
I f you are overweight and suffering from diabetes, running is by far one of the best options to keep those kilos going. One must put in at least 160 minutes of regular exercise a week to aim at decent weight loss. Running also helps to maintain good body composition, quickens weight loss, avoids cardiovascular risks and improves insulin sensitivity as well as blood glucose control.
Running with Diabetes 1
Go from walking to running in a gradual process. Begin with purposeful walking (for half an hour or so), then combine walking and jogging, and then increase the jogging.
If suffering from diabetes, one must keep certain facts in mind before planning a running program.
Get in touch with a good dietician as they will advise you the dosage of the medication to be administered before and after running so as to avoid too much fluctuation in sugar levels as well as maintain a good diet plan to keep the sugar level going steady with the runs.
Running with Diabetes 2
The Diabetic Pandemic numbers are on the rise particularly with the increasing rates of inactivity and obesity worldwide.
Avoid consuming too many protein supplements or energy bar; the quick carbs obtained from these foods might help to maintain the sugar levels from dropping with running but the extra calories accumulated might totally wipe out the effect of the running over a period.
Running with Diabetes 3
Measure your blood sugar before and after the activity (and during it, if needed). Carry juice, a sports drink, a piece of fruit or glucose tablets. Keep a training log, recording your miles and your blood glucose readings.
If you are used to seeing a rise in your blood sugar levels a couple of hours after dinner, an evening run would be advisable as this will maintain the blood sugar level better in the nights. Also one must remember that the effect of a workout will affect the insulin sensitivity for about 24 to 72 hours so one must plan workout accordingly.
Running with Diabetes 4
You may want to set your sights on an event such as a five-kilometer road race for charity.
One must also keep in mind that weight put on does not happen in a jiffy and so one can’t think of losing it super quickly either, so bear in mind that overdoing workouts is not a good idea. Take the weight in your strides exercise regularly and maintain a balanced diet and keep the strides going!
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