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Menopause and Diabetes – A Rather Traumatic Transformation


Menopause is that period in a woman’s life that describes the cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle. This typically happens around the age of 50.


Managing diabetes whilst going through menopause can feel like a twin challenge for most women due to the combined effects that each condition can have on the body. The ideal way to remain in control is by being aware; what to expect so one can be fully prepared for the challenging road ahead.

There are fluctuations in blood sugar level. The hormones estrogen and progesterone affect how your cells respond to insulin. It is possible that your blood sugar level is more variable and less predictable than before.


If your blood sugar is not in control, the risk of diabetes complications is higher. Sometimes, even before hitting menopause, increased blood sugar levels in the blood can result in urinary and vaginal infections.

Sleep irregularities are quite common after menopause- hot flashes and night sweating can play havoc with sleep patterns. This period also heralds in a lot of fluctuations in weight, both during and post menopause. This can increase the need for insulin or oral diabetes medication. Sexual problems may crop up for some, involving issues concerning arousal and orgasm. Vaginal dryness, a typical menopausal symptom may compound the issue by causing pain during sex.


It is imperative to make healthy lifestyle choices, in relation to food and physical activity. These right choices can help you manage your diabetes more efficiently.

Menopause is a troublesome but unfortunately an inescapable part of life for every woman — diabetes or not! For some women, menopause not only signifies the end of their child-bearing years and it can have a profound effect on chronic illnesses such as type 2 diabetes. Diabetic women often have to be more aware of the changes than most other women.

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