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Strokes, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiac Diseases
Working late

Workaholics Ask for Strokes, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiac Diseases

Workaholics Ask for Strokes, Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiac Diseases
No More ‘Sadi-betes’!
Work overtime and get a stroke. A standard full-time job working thirty-five to forty hours a week is considerably healthier than fifty-five hours or more a week;  the latter are more likely to increase their risk of stroke or a cardiac disease by thirty-three percent , says a study conducted by  University College, London.
Jobs requiring long working hours can range from low to high-paying. The risk of stroke increases with longer working hours across gender, socio-economic strata and age differences, unlike diabetes where the same research team previously linked an increased risk only for those in lower socioeconomic groups to longer working hours.
However, lead author of the study Mika Kivimaki says that in real terms, in every thousand regular employees only 4.5 suffered a stroke and the risk increased to 6 strokes per thousand among employees working long hours.
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Kivimaki advises that recovery periods are imperative after long hours of work. Working shorter periods is better than two to three weeks of long working hours. Also, Keeping blood pressure, lipid levels and blood glucose within the normal range will help reduce the risk. Getting enough exercise, eating and drinking healthily, avoiding excess weight and excessive stress can all reduce stroke risk.
Further, he said, “Stroke is a multifactorial disease and therefore a person’s risk of stroke is almost always the result of multiple interacting risk factors.”
Thirty percent may seem low risk for an individual, but as Urban Janlert of Umea University, Sweden, who wrote an editorial for the present results, points out, that the high number of people working long hours means that in the whole population a huge number of  people will suffer strokes.
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