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Diabetes and Playing a Sport
Diabetes and Playing a Sport

Diabetes and The Unsportsman

Diabetes and Playing a Sport
No More ‘Sadi-betes’!
Enjoying and playing a sport is recommended for everyone. Being outdoors, being physical has many benefits- for the mind, body and soul. Whether you play a competitive sport or just for the fun of it, it is a very good way to stay healthy.
Having been diagnosed with diabetes should not be a hindrance or deterrent to playing a sport. Actively playing a sport or doing exercise in some form is very advantageous for people with diabetes. It strengthens muscles and bones, boosts energy levels, improves coordination, balance and stamina. It has been known to reduce the risk for heart related diseases and enhances self-esteem. Most vital to diabetics, playing a sport helps insulin work well in the body, which helps regularize blood sugar levels. Burning calories also assists in the maintenance of weight.
There are many diabetic sportsmen and women who have attained some of the highest sporting awards that are there in the world. Take Olympic gold-medal swimmer Gary Hall Jr. or pro golfers Kelli Kuehne and Michelle McGann. The famous UK sports achiever Steve Redgrave, won numerous accolades at the Olympics including his last gold medal which he won after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. All of these athletes deal with their diabetes while wiping out the competition.
Diabetes and Playing a Sport
Diabetic Coach
These professionals should be an inspiration to other diabetics and motivate them to reach for the stars. But remember, that all diabetics may not want to play a sport at the competitive level, which is completely ok. So, whether you want to go for gold or just want to walk in your backyard, diabetes should not hold you back.
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