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Diabetes and exercise
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Five Fun Ways To Stop Living In The Dark


Exercise is important for everyone but for diabetics, physical activity is vital.

Exercise can help diabetics keep a better check on blood sugar levels. When one exercises, the muscles which are working utilize extra glucose as compared to those that are resting or not being used. Muscle activity results in higher sugar intake by muscle cells, which contributes to lower blood sugar levels.

Who says exercise has to be an imposition? Many people who have diabetes may believe that exercise is a burden or forced task. But then these diabetics are maybe looking at sit ups, walking, gymming- the usual run of the mill exercises. There are a great many activities which have a lot of fun element and can also be great opportunities to meet new people and mingle with them.TextArt_151123115058

  1. Water aerobics- doing aerobics while swimming is a fun way to exercise. For those with diabetes or a predisposition to developing diabetes, research has indicated that swimming betters cholesterol levels, burns calories and reduces stress levels. Combining aerobics and swimming with music in the background is a sure entertaining way to exercise.

2. Dancing- is a great work-out for your body. Remembering dance steps and the sequence actually is tough mental work. This activity is known to enhance brain power and increase memory.  For diabetics, this is a fun and thrilling way to increase physical activity, stimulate weight loss, enhance flexibility, lower blood sugar and lower stress.

3. Team sports- Football, basketball or even a game like croquet or Frisbee are all team games. Playing a team game is a lovely way to spend time with friends, get a little competition going and make those muscles move!

4. Table tennis- may not be a very physically taxing game, but none the less it improves hand-eye coordination and is pleasurable to play.

5. Trampolining- can be great fun and is one of those sports where you do not realize you are burning a good amount of calories while just jumping! You could visit a trampoline park, or you could do it in your own backyard!

Any exercise can be made fun if you put your mind to it. If you look at it as a boring, “have to do” thing, you will never enjoy it. It will always be a compulsion. So be positive about physical activity and add that extra bit of zing to your living!

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