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Belly Fat
Belly Fat

Fat Cats and Starving Dogs in this World. Belly Fat.

So the more the stress, the greater the weight gain and it typically winds up around the belly. There is another thing and this is really hard to understand at first. Always trying to get rid of that extra 20 to 30 pounds of belly fat through different diets? Most of these diets restrict what you eat. As it turns out, these diets don’t have you eating enough.

When you restrict yourself from eating for a long time, like we do on these diets, your blood sugar drops and your body is convinced it is starving. When your blood sugar level drops, it puts you back in fat storing mode but by snacking in between meals throughout the day, you can keep your blood sugar levels balanced and keep your body in the fat burning zone all day long.

Your meals just have to be balanced with the right amounts of protein and carbs. This way, your blood sugar levels don’t go too high and throw your hormones out of whack, or go too low and put you into starvation mode. Think about the previously discussed three foods; Orange juice, margarine and whole wheat bread. How many people have this every morning for breakfast? Are you starting to see why it is so hard to lose weight? Can you see how the choices made available to us are sabotaging your weight loss goals?
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