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The disease scroll depicts a woman moneylender with obesity, considered a disease of the rich.

Burning The Fatty. Adiponectin.

Power To feel Better
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
The psychological factors of Diabetes Type-2, can sometimes be even worse. Do you get the feelings of hopelessness that everything you are doing, the weight still won’t come off! The frustration of trying everything and nothing works! Adiponectin in diabetes mellitus is not the end of the world. Now that you know how your hormones can go out of whack by eating certain foods, tweak your eating habits and stop the endless cycle of dieting.  You can too. It’s easy! Like fat burning tea, Leptin rich food diets and Adiponectin foods.
Adiponectic is involved in regulatng glucose levels as well as fatty acid breakdown.
Understanding and knowing the risks
When hormones continue to be imbalanced, it can cause unwanted effects like weight gain and it gets worse, because the more pounds you pack on, the less Adiponectin your body produces. Adiponectin is known as the fat burning hormone. The British Journal of Sports Medicine published a study showing a direct connection between lower levels of fat, with higher Adiponectin levels in your body. As your body stores more fat, the less of this natural fat burning hormone it produces. So it’s another double whammy! It can be a domino effect. When your blood sugar goes too high or too low, it can cause an insulin imbalance and put your body into fat storing mode. As you gain weight, your body tends to produce less Adiponectin, your natural fat burner. Then add in the day-to-day modern stress we all live with and the excess cortisol your body produces because of it and you start to see why weight loss can be so difficult.
Further Complications
It doesn’t have to be this way! Tips for keeping your Adiponectin at optimum levels to increase your weight loss. Green tea has been shown to increase levels of Adiponectin. Aside from its fat burning power, it’s also a natural anti-inflammatory. So it can also help ease the swelling sometimes associated with weight gain. It’s not the hormones but the choices of food made available to us that are contributing to these hormonal imbalances.


Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
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