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Contaminated Foods
Contaminated Foods

Diabetes Atlas. Uninsured.

Contaminated Foods
News from centres for Diabtese control and research, holistic and eagle-eyed.
It’s not exactly holiday reading material but it’s important stuff and it should be read now.
Contaminated Foods
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The Diabetes Atlas (7th ed.) has just been published. The worldwide rise in juvenile diabetes for children under 14 years of age is shocking. The increase in diabetes Type 2 is also significantly higher than ever. The healthcare costs to economies around the world will also rise dramatically. It is a global pandemic.
For those who know about nutrition and who are not consumers of fast food, there is no insurance against developing diabetes. Some of the blame for the high increase in the diabetes pandemic must be laid at the feet of the food and the packaging industries.
Now that food is grown with pesticide, fertilisers and hormones, the human body has not evolved to handle the subtle changes in food. The soil growing crops is laced with the contaminants and even if farmers wanted to become “ organic farmers” they would need to wait at least 12 years for their fields to revive.
Contaminated Foods
Let’s ban it today so it can stay in the pipeline for years.
For those who want to eat fish, there is the serious danger that they will also ingest invisible toxic plastic molecules and metal residue and other poison.
Many food dangers are hidden. Not only that but it seems that all is not equal between the haves and the have-not’s in this world. Organic food is very expensive to produce and distribute. It does not have long shelf life either. Even if we wash off the pesticide from our vegetables, eat free-range chicken and organically fed meat, we are not safe.
The supply, quality and storage of our drinking water is highly questionable. With so many factors impacting what we eat and drink, how are individuals acting alone able to fight the pandemic?
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