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What Causes… Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

diabetes cause
Diabesity is a mind-bogglingly big problem.
diabetes cause
Cause of Diabetes

TYPE 1 DIABETES: Insulin is a must, to assist the digested sugars to move into a cell and fuel it. Diabetes occurs because of no/lack of insulin sent out by the pancreas, these sugars cannot ENTER the cells and therefore, stay back in the blood, thereby increasing its concentration.  “The sugar becomes high”. This accumulation of sugars in the blood ultimately exceeds the healthy limit with ensuing consequences.

diabetes cause
What causes type 1 diabetes in adults?

TYPE 2 DIABETES:  Sometimes it so happens that the visa is in order, but the fuel is still denied an entry into the cell.  Though the insulin production is unimpaired, the cells refuse to take in the sugars. The body resists the insulin action and does not absorb and use the sugars as fuel, once again, increasing its concentration in the blood and creating “high sugar” levels.

diabetes cause
What causes Type 2 diabetes to develop?

Where a person has CYSTIC FIBROSIS, the cause of diabetes is different.

Sugar concentration in the blood beyond 100 milligrams per deciliter (mg/dl) after eight hours of fasting or over 140 mg/d 2 hours after a meal, would be considered, pre-diabetic.

The above two insulin related disorders are termed, diabetes.

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