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Diabetes Disorder – OMG! Bad Luck! A Huge Loss!?

Diabetes disorder is the most common disorder of the hormone system and it occurs when blood glucose levels in the body constantly stay above normal. A dreaded disease! Irreversible?  Injections? Tablets? No more partying? No more eating what you will, when you will? Is this all true?

That is what we are going to find out  – What is diabetes, what are the types of diabetes, what are signs of diabetes, symptoms of diabetes, diabetes information and diabetic diet – an unending series of questions and concerns for your everyday diabetes information and diabetic diet. Information is influence and the opportunity to change your lifestyle.

We know of diabetes as the ‘sugar disease’ – ‘high sugar’. Something mysterious happens and suddenly your fun loving friend is all pent up, injecting God alone knows what, into themselves even at parties and refusing every offer of your  cake. That’s not sweet!

More coaxing and the spouse is ready to fling your cake out of the window along with a flying temper. What happened? What’s with these people, it’s just a little cake! What IS this diabetes disorder?’

Soon the friend grows more concerned, more morose and the family goes around as if the sky had fallen. Is life over? Grim sobriety and seismic seconds prevail at every mealtime. What are the genuine concerns of diabetes?

Having been diagnosed with diabetes 34 years ago, I heard every kind of sordid, discouraging and hopeless message out there. The biggest lesson learned is that my health is up to me – I am in

Charge – and I cannot/will not give that responsibility to anyone else. As I transitioned to insulin after years of oral medication, I kept hearing that I had failed, that my life was ending. It is most helpful for all who need to know the truth, NOT the fiction, about diabetes!

Common Myths

Does eating sweets and sugar or being overweight have anything to do with diabetes? What about if you have a “just a touch of sugar” or you’re “only borderline?  Is Type 2 diabetes as serious as type 1? If you’ve just been diagnosed, can you  have immediate complications or does that take time? Do children also suffer from type 2 diabetes? If you have to take insulin, is it chronic? If your family members have diabetes, are you certain to get it? Is diabetes the leading cause of blindness, heart attack, kidney disease and amputations? Do diabetics eventually lose their feet? Are Insulin shots painful and cumbersome? Is there nothing you can do to prevent your kids from getting diabetes? Do diabetics have to wear special shoes?

Medical Myths

Do diabetes medications make you gain weight? Can you have diabetes without the symptoms? If you lose weight, would you still require medication? What are the latest trends for treating type 2 diabetes? If you’re temporarily unwell (such as with a cold or flu) and barely eating anything, do you take diabetes medicine? If your diabetes is under control, is there a need to see the doctor? If you take insulin, what is your snacking regiment during the day and at bedtime? You’ve heard for three decades that there’s soon to be a cure for type 1 diabetes, but nothing’s changed, so can we expect a cure? Is it true that women with diabetes shouldn’t get pregnant? Do the stresses and strains of everyday life affect your diabetes? If your doctor manages your diabetes, do you have to additionally manage it yourself?

Food Myths

Is there one specific “diabetic diet” to follow? Will healthful foods raise your blood sugar? Do you have to live without eating the things that you love forever more? Does it matter what you eat if you can “cover” it with medicine? When you feel the symptoms of low blood sugar, how much sweet should you consume and when do you know to stop? Is it true that people with diabetes should eat only sweets labelled “sugar-free” or “for diabetics.” Does alcohol consumption raise blood sugar?

Body Fitness Myths

Do you have to lose a lot of weight for your diabetes to improve? Is exercise important for managing your diabetes if taking medication? If anything were really wrong with your foot, would it hurt? Is your vision blurry because you’re getting older? Is it safe for people with diabetes to exercise or play sports? Do diabetics suffer from erectile dysfunction or female sexual problems? Is there nothing to help the pain in your feet? Does diabetes also affect your teeth or gums?

Psych Myths

Can you ever take a break from dealing with your diabetes disorder? Have you failed if the doctor has to prescribe insulin? Have you failed as a human being if you have diabetes? Can you take diabetes in your stride or does it mean a drastic change in your life? Do teens take better care of themselves when they understand the importance of diabetes? Is there anything good about having diabetes or is it all bad news and downhill?

Practical & Practices Myths

Is any financial help for diabetes treatment, supplies and education available to you? Does a bottle of insulin, need to be refrigerated? Can you reuse a syringe, pen needle or lancet more than once? What are the diabetic syringes and medical supplies that you can take aboard an aircraft? Does an insulin pump mean that you’ve hit rock bottom?

Is this justified? Is it necessary? We are going to decode the mysteries of diabetes disorder for you.

E001 – Diabetes Disorder – OMG! Bad Luck! A Huge Loss!? –

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