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Diabetes Mellitus
What is…‘Diabetes Mellitus?’

Relax, Nobody’s Going To Rock Your Precious Boat. Diabetes Mellitus?

Diabetes is the fastest growing Pandemic
The commonest form of diabetes, caused by a deficiency of the pancreatic hormone insulin, which results in a failure to metabolize sugars and starch. Sugars accumulate in the blood and urine, and the by-products of alternative fat metabolism disturb the acid–base balance of the blood, causing a risk of convulsions and coma.

What was once called ‘DIABETES MELLITUS”, is now referred to as just “DIABETES”. Diabetes Mellitus means “sweet” or “honey-sweet” in Latin. Diabetes Mellitus was first identified as a disease associated with “sweet urine” because the increased glucose in the blood spills into the urine increasing the concentration of blood glucose, hence diabetes mellitus type 2 or diabetes mellitus type 1. Everything has to do with blood sugar.

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When this happens it can give rise to one of three kinds of diabetes and their ensuing risk factors should be the most important job of any government.

 TYPE 1 DIABETES commonly known as “juvenile diabetes” also as “insulin-dependent diabetes” where the body does not produce any/enough insulin and the risks that blow with that.

TYPE 2 DIABETES informally known as “noninsulin dependent” or “adult onset diabetes”: the body produces insulin but the body’s cells prevent the insulin from doing its work.

GESTATIONAL DIABETES occurs in pregnant mothers during the second/third trimester and almost always peters out after the birth of the baby. It could, however, raise its ugly head in future pregnancies of the mother and increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes in later life. Pregnancy causes diabetes in 4% of women especially, if she is pre-diabetic.

Simply, diabetes is a bodily disorder which disturbs the manner in which your nutrition intake is ABSORBED by your body and USED as energy.

The old wives’ tale that in diabetes your sugar intake is NOT DIGESTED because your body does not produce insulin is just that, a fairy tale, as you can see from the cause of Type 2 diabetes!

Your food intake is completely digested, diabetic or not!

E2 – What is diabetes mellitus –

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