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Insulin Basics for Diabetics

insulin basics

Insulin basics and what you need to know is that recent studies indicate that diagnosis of diabetes itself indicates that 75% of β-cells have failed. Over a period of time, more and more cells fail. To make it worse, some tablets may be stressing the β-cells more.

In contrast, taking insulin helps reduce the stress on β-cells. Tablets or oral antidiabetic agents are useful but have limited efficacy. Sensitizers work by improving insulin efficiency. Oral hypoglycemic agents (OHA’s) work by forcing β-cells to produce more insulin i.e. tablets keep on flogging the failing β-cells. Ultimately β-cells give up. At that stage you require insulin and at much larger doses. Starting insulin early, may help β-cells to rest at an early stage itself.

According to DAWN study (Diabetes. Attitude, Wishes and Needs) half of the people with diabetes are constantly afraid of the disease getting worse, but they do very little to correct it.

Quite often, people delay the usage of insulin and often go to the extent of changing doctors to avoid insulin. Unfortunately the majority of them then have to deal with complications like kidney failure or blindness later on. Finally, they use insulin, but by that time, the damage is already done.

You have to pay the price for your neglect. Our advice to anyone with diabetes is to take your proper dosage of insulin, do some physical work and follow a proper diet. This will ensure a healthy life.

So, starting with insulin does not mean that you or your doctor did something wrong or that your diabetes has reached a serious stage. It is simply that the need for insulin is a natural part of diabetes. The earlier you start with insulin, the better.

Finally, years of advanced research have produced insulin devices that do not look or hurt like syringes. They are slimmer, smoother and virtually painless.

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