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Pandemic, Pre-diabetes, Weight, Mindset, Lifestyle

Pandemic and diabetes? No way?? When you are talking about people – not tens of hundreds, but hundreds of thousands – then ‘yes way!’ Millions of us on the Planet have pre-diabetes (impaired glucose tolerance), which means our bodies’ insulin can’t keep up with our lifestyles. This puts us at high risk of joining the three million people who already have diabetes, mainly type 2, which is related to obesity (unlike type 1 which is an immune system disorder and can only be treated with insulin injections). This new lifestyle disorder is a pandemic.

Both types of diabetes causes raised blood sugars and arterial damage that can lead to heart disease, strokes, kidney damage, blindness and amputations.

So, BIG RED FLAG, this is your wake-up call, but the good news is that you can avoid progressing to type 2 diabetes (and move out of the pre-diabetes zone).

This can be quickly achieved by getting down to a healthy weight as soon as possible; with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise. Stop smoking, avoid drinking above recommended limits, as these accelerate diabetes complications, making your health worse.

Don’t take this lightly. As you can see with the current state of affairs, if you do not change, then change will be forced upon you. Will you wait until things turn into a crisis or can you stay ahead of the curve and make the necessary sacrifices to initiate fundamental changes to your life. Only structure and discipline can save us from ill health and suffering in our old age. It is important to plan your life 15-20 years into the future so that you are never a burden or a load on the ones you claim to love.

Now more and more, governments understand that people aren’t capable of discipline or structure and sometimes certain measures have to be forced upon them for their own good and for the good of the next generation. Long-term health of an individual is of primary importance or it becomes a drain on society.

You can always find help and advice on diabetes, so don’t feel shy to ask and postpone your condition.

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