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Reduce Insulin, Cure Diabetes, Reduce Obesity

Reduce insulin, reduce your disease. Increase insulin, increase diabetes.

Diabetes has been labelled a chronic disease and if you have taken medicine, then you know the sugars initially are not so bad and as you take the medication, your sugar actually starts to come down a bit. However, over the years the effects off the medication slowly reduces and you end up having to add more and more medication to your treatment regiment.

No matter what drug you take, the initial effect is very good, upto about 6 months, but after 6 months, the effectiveness of the drug diminishes and your sugar slowly goes up. The consequence of this is that you end up on a second medication and a third medication. If you have had diabetes for 10 or 15 years, you find that you started off on a small dose of oral drugs, then on a little bit of insulin and then greater doses of insulin. This suggests we have to reduce insulin.

When you look at those who have mild diabetes and those who have severe diabetes – the ones who are on more insulin have severe diabetes and in fact, over the years, your diabetes is getting worse. Your Sugars might go up or down and what confuses people a lot – because they think that sugar and diabetes are the same thing – over time the diabetes has been progressing. That’s why diabetes is called a progressive disease.

The sugar and the diabetes are two different things. The real heart of diabetes is the insulin resistance and that is fundamentally what’s getting worse. Sugar is just the symptom of the insulin resistance, sugar is not the actual diabetes. In an analogy, you can think of it as an infection which is the real disease and a fever, is just the symptom. You have to treat the disease, which is the infection with an antibiotic, you can’t just treat the symptom which is a fever by surpressing it.

With diabetes, it is the same thing! The disease is about insulin resistance, but the symptom is high blood sugar and yet all our treatment is directed at the high blood sugar. Therefore controlling the high blood sugar doesn’t do anything for you, because you are not actually treating the disease. The disease continues to progress and that is the real problem. We used to think that treating the sugars would make you better but for a decade now, studies have found that, no matter if your sugars are well controlled or poorly controlled, it actually doesn’t make any difference. You still have the complications of diabetes – the heart disease, the strokes and kidney disease.

What is not often understood is that the diabetes is the insulin resistance, so you have to understand what is the cause of the insulin resistance and then you have to treat that cause. What is causing insulin resistance in the patient is what has to be addressed and then targeted. All contemporary treatments – medication and insulin – are aimed at treating the sugar levels. The real question is what causes the insulin resistance? Reduce insulin, reduce resistance.

Normally, the insulin causes you to lower blood sugar as you eat, when you develop insulin resistance, the insulin doesn’t seem to work as well. What happens is that the body pumps-up the level of insulin to make it work well enough to get your Sugars out of the way. Hence, the high insulin level is a result of the insulin resistance and as it turns out, it is actually the insulin that is causing the insulin resistance — this is usually what happens in biological systems.

If you look at any other hormone, if you are exposed to it, your body develops a resistance to it. If you look at addictive drugs – alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, valium or any anti-psychotics – when you take it for the first time, you get a significant high, but every subsequent effect is a little bit lower. You have to consume higher and higher doses to get the same effect or high.

Resistance or tolerance to insulin occurs in exactly the same way. As you take more and more insulin, your body develops more and more resistance to it. You can see that it is actually a vicious cycle that happens. If your insulin level is high, you get some insulin resistance. As you develop insulin resistance, your body pumps higher insulin levels, but if you get higher insulin levels you also automatically get higher resistance. Infact, treatment with the insulin now is no more effective, but it is actually making things worse. Reduce insulin to reduce diabetes!

While the insulin lowers your sugars, it is at the same time, raising your insulin resistance. It is making your diabetes worse. When this is correctly understood, you are able to see that the current standard of treatment is not only ineffective, but it’s actually really bad for you. You are struggling to treat the diabetes disease, with what is actually causing the disease and that doesn’t work. Reduce insulin to reduce disease.

The problem is that the insulin level is too high. It is equatable to treating an alcoholic with alcohol. If you consume alcohol, with the first drink you get high, but with every subsequent drink, your high is a little lower. What has actually happened is, consuming the alcohol made you feel a little better, but the alcoholism is getting worse.

Diabetes is a chronic progressive disease. That is a convenient excuse for those who don’t understand it. In reality, diabetes is not a chronic progressive disease because we know we can cure it in many cases. If you do weight loss surgery or gastric banding or bariatric surgery to staple the stomach, the diabetes goes away in 90% of the cases. If diabetes can be cured, but our treatment is only making us more sick, then what is the correct treatment? In the treatment of diabetes there are a few things you have to consider.

The first key understanding to treating diabetes is not to take more insulin. The key is how are you going to get those insulin levels really low. Secondly, diabetes is a dietary disease and yet, if it is a dietary disease, then the cure has to be  dietary. You can’t take a dietary disease, treat it with drugs and pretend that’s going to make it better. These drugs only suppress the symptoms, they do not cure the disease. Thirdly, diabetes is in fact, a curable disease, but you have to treat it the right way. Reduce insulin to reduce insulin resistance.

Best Ways to Reduce Insulin Resistance

So what are the best ways to reduce insulin levels? One of the ways to do it is intermittent fasting. Fasting has been done through the centuries and almost every major religion in the world indoctrinates periods of fasting and control. Age old wisdom recognizes that it is actually very healthy, for people to be fasting periodically.

Why is it so healthy? When you fast, your insulin levels go down very low because you are not eating. Having periods of time where your insulin level is down, helps prevent that vicious cycle. It is the insulin that leads to the resistance which in turn, leads to higher insulin. Whether it is ramadan or lent, if you have a period where your insulin level is very low, it helps completely break that vicious cycle. If you do that routinely over the years, then you will stay healthy. You will prevent the development of the insulin resistance. If you don’t get the resistance, then you don’t get the higher levels of insulin either.

The body has ability to store energy in two ways – when you eat, you are taking in energy as food and that can be stored – as sugar or fat. Sugar is stored in the liver as glycogen and there is a limited amount of glycogen that you can store in the liver, but it’s always readily available. It is a system of short term storage. If you store more energy than the short term storage can hold, then that, the body will turn that into fat stores, which is a system of long-term food energy storage. As long as you are going to be eating and burning off that energy, you will be fine. If that excess energy has to be forced into fats storage, you are going to be increasing your insulin and the insulin is going to tell your body to store some of that away in long-term storage. If you have too much sugar, some of that is going to go into the liver and fat stores, but as long as your storage is not full, it’s not going to to spill over into the blood. The blood sugar levels go up and down for a while, till your body can compensate.

Reduce Diabetes

As a diabetic this is what happens at every meal time. Your storage is filled up and every time you eat, your sugars are spilling out into the blood. As you take insulin to take care of that problem, the body takes that excess sugar and forces it back into the body, storing it as fat. In other words, insulin is going to make you gain weight and if you have ever taken insulin, you know already that is exactly what happens. Hence, we must reduce insulin.

Current diabetes treatments only make you gain weight, but it is not making you any better. The only rational treatment for diabetes is to start draining of the stores of excess energy in fats. As you fast a little, bit by bit, the energy gets used up and is burned away. Eventually, your stores are going to come down and there will be no spill over into the blood. You have to force the body to burn-off the sugar before your diabetes gets better.

Lower insulin level gets rid of the sugars you have been storing up over the decades. Diabetes, weight, hypertension, high cholesterol are all caused by the high insulin levels.

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