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Parents of a Suffering Diabetic Teen

Team Parent To A Teen Diabetic.

Parents of a Suffering Diabetic Teen
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
It is not very uncommon to hear of teenagers suffering from diabetes in this day and age.
Teen diabetes could be a result of unhealthy lifestyle and body abuse through high consumption of junk food, alcohol etc., or it could even be a hereditary. However it is encountered, this monster of a disease needs to be treated very delicately as far as teenagers are concerned.
Teenagers might get very conscious about this disease and react very negatively towards it. They might not want to let their friends and peers know about the fact that they are suffering from this embarrassing situation and hence might try to lead a normal life in front of their friends, which indeed is very harmful. A very important role to be played by parents is to have a healthy discussion with their child suffering from diabetes and make the child aware that discussing the situation with close friends and family would be of great help, even though this might not get a very positive response from the child, but it is very necessary because when in need and in case of an emergency friends and relatives would know what steps need to be taken.
Parents of a Suffering Diabetic Teen
We can dia-beat-this!
No one likes to be told every now and then about what to eat, what to drink, where to go….especially not a teenager. Please do not constantly nag your child. A teenager is already going through a lot in the form of hormonal and physical changes with the body and to add to the agony, if diabetes is dropped into the basket it does become very difficult for them to cope. It is a very stressful situation which has to be handled very delicately on the part of the parents. Be very calm and tolerant with your child, they are troubled enough!! If you cannot handle the situation, counselors will guide you correctly.
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