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foods to avoid with diabetes


Sugar Will Kill Us All.
Be Aware for Safe Care.
First up, here’s what you need to know: you deserve a happy, healthy and fulfilled life. It may sound strange, and it breaks my heart, but many of us don’t believe we deserve this. However, once you understand that you do, every choice you make to be healthy stops being a battle. Imagine that!
Toxic Levels of Sugar in Our Diet.
Incredibly Offensive, Sugar.
Any transformation that happens in your body, happens in your mind first. You must let go of shame and guilt and change the conversation you have with yourself. Be kind, be forgiving and give yourself a powerful platform from which you can make these beautiful transformations. Remember, beautiful isn’t how you look, it’s how you feel.
You are amazing for basing your life on self-acceptance and self-love. Once you have this, the rest is easy. Now, here’s the good news: your body really, really wants to be slim. It wants to be lean and light, strong and energised, simply because that’s the way it’s designed to be – lean and healthy is its natural state. Don’t believe the myth that the human body clings on to fat. It doesn’t – because it knows that’s not the way it functions best.
However, when you eat or drink processed foods, alcohol, bad fats and refined sugar your body becomes overloaded with toxins. It’s these toxins and not your body, that clings on to the fat. But if your body looked the way it should – lean and light – you’d feel pretty amazing. People think it is normal to wake up feeling tired and grumpy, it’s not. It might be common, but it certainly isn’t normal. Normal is waking up feeling clean and lean, rested, energised and ready to take on the day.
E152 – Toxins, Processed Foods and Diabetes –
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