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Screemr flight technology

There Is No Right Time, Except Now. Air Travel Can Be A Challenge.

Air Travel Can Be A Challenge For The Diabetic
No More ‘Sadi-betes’
It is such good news that the Screemr flight technology has been invented. It may take a long time for the technology to be implemented but it gives one hope.
For the diabetic passenger, meals must be prepared carefully with the right ingredients. Their heating and service must also be scheduled carefully.
When booking a ticket for overseas travel, a diabetic must know how long he will be in the aircraft, how long he will be in transit at a connecting airport. Some transit lounges of international airports do not have adequate seating arrangements, let alone room for carryon baggage.
Insulin injections must be carried in cold bags on board the aircraft and whilst waiting in the airports before boarding the flight. The vials of insulin must be kept safe from damage. Taking the blood sugar test at exactly the correct amount of time before eating and then again after eating must take place in a precise and timely fashion.
Extra snacks must be available just in case the diabetic’s blood sugar levels unexpectedly fall. Obviously, the longer the flight the more complicated the travel arrangements become.
Airport security scanning and checking regulations also play a part in convoluting the preparations for the flight. The authorities check hand carry bags and withhold permission to carry certain types of substances such as liquids and gels over a certain amount. Proof of medical need must be available.
New Concept Aircraft
Anything is possible
If the actual flight times were reduced it would be a great boon for the diabetic. The prospective future of air travel has turned a new corner.  London to New York flights could take an hour instead of 8 hours and that it would be 5 times faster than the Concorde. In the ‘Science and Technology’ section of Mail Online dated 26/10/2015, Sara Griffiths reports that the Skreemr concept aircraft could make the future of flight much faster. The technology is very new, but it gives hope for the diabetic person whose life is already full of complications.
fast and frious
Time is the overseer of all things and technology
E48 – Diabetes Welcome Skreemr –
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