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Life’s A Journey, Not A Destination.


Travel can be enjoyable, exhilarating and daring, if you so wish! Being diagnosed with diabetes (either type 1 and 2) shouldn’t change that fact or act as a deterrent to leading a fulfilling and successful life. You just need to plan better and plan in advance to cover all eventualities and reduce possible complications.

How you prepare your plans depends on the destination and the duration of your trip. Two weeks backpacking across South America would require different planning than a fortnight at the beach, or a road trip. Would your travel include crossing time zones? The diet for diabetics is the same healthy diet recommended for everyone so you should be able to choose items from the usual menu while away from home. However, it is imperative to plan ahead as to the kind of food you will get, and when you will eat, as these are important points to consider, especially for a diabetic.

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Before you depart for your vacation it would be wise to visit your doctor. Taking a medical test to ensure that your diabetes is under control and blood sugar levels are normal is the first step one should take. Schedule the test with time on your hands, in the event that the test results are not normal you have buffer time to work on your diabetes management. If your trip demands immunization shots, make sure you take them well in advance, in case the shots have a side effect; you have time to recover before the trip.

Make sure you get two documents from your doctor: a letter and a prescription. The letter should explain what you need to do for your diabetes, like take diabetes pills or insulin shots. It should list insulin, syringes and any other medications or apparatus you use. Any allergies you suffer from or any foods or medications to which you are allergic, should also be mentioned in the letter.

The prescription should be for insulin or diabetes pills. You should have more than enough insulin and syringes or pills to last through the trip. The prescription may help in case of emergency.

Getting out of your regular routine is part of the fun of vacation and traveling. So, go out there and see the world! but it’s important to travel with your care routine, especially if you have diabetes.

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