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O ur Goal is to make this universe about you, to help improve lives of those with diabetes, inspire lifestyle management, signal precautions and win on healthy living. It’s not the diet, it’s how you follow The Protocol. We accomplish our Purpose and bring you unique articles by disseminating great ideas; health information, daily news and developments. Information guides on diabetic management, self-management and the fundamentals; through research and living with diabetes.
We are delighted to bring you short powerful articles for a holistic understanding from the provision of objective and credible information. Converging the world of diabetes to cover all topics from science to fun, in multi languages and including practical content like; medications, exercise, food, diet protocol and lifestyle protocol.
People affected by diabetes can Harness the Power of Ideas, Change Attitudes and Allegiances and ultimately improve the collective consciousness of global society. An end to this Proliferating Pandemic, Diabetes. Disseminating inner truths, shared by inspired thinkers; their help, guidance and assistance are a trusted resource.
Diabetic.Today is composed of news content written and designed by editorial staff and material contributed by seasoned food editors, authors, journalists and specialists. Stay informed as we save you time and money because we care enough to create your personal resource bank for self-management and your bottom-line holistic care. We are inspired against the deadly consequences of diabetes and serve those inflicted by this war brought on by mismanaged lifestyles and neglect.
We endevour to maintain continuity, search for unexposed vulnerabilities, resiliency gaps and regularly review risk scenarios that could threaten our Magazine’s operations with an integrated and aligned approach. The strength of our Magazine’s reputation is rooted in the sum of thousands of actions and decisions made across our enterprise, with increased focus on resilience, fault tolerance, business continuity and disaster recovery.
TOUGH TIMES DON’T LAST. TOUGH PEOPLE DO! This magazine could change your life and extend your lifespan by ten years.
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