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Reduce Insulin, Cure Diabetes, Reduce Obesity


Share Reduce insulin, reduce your disease. Increase insulin, increase diabetes. Diabetes has been labelled a chronic disease and if you have taken medicine, then you know the sugars initially are not so bad and as you take the medication, your sugar actually starts to come down a bit. However, over the years the effects off the medication slowly reduces and …

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Tremors, An Occasionally Everyday


Share Tremors or ‘the shakes’ can usually be controlled. Sometimes, they are the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia. Blood glucose levels should be checked within 15 minutes, using the finger-stick glucose test. If the blood glucose level isn’t normal or near normal, repeat the carbohydrate dosage. If hypoglycemia persists, or symptoms become more severe, seek immediate emergency medical care. We …

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Obese! Bad News Made Me Lose 3 Stone/20 kilos

obese calorie diet plan

Share I knew I had to do something about my weight when my GP told me I was 1lb (half a kilo) away from being obese. I’d piled on the pounds over the years until, I tipped the scales at 12st 3lb (80 kilos). I worked long weary hours as Finance director, my job was stressful and I travelled a …

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Diabetic Lifestyle Hacks for the Recession

diabetic lifestyle hacks

Share Diabetic lifestyle hacks are those small healthy tweaks that add-up to big improvements in your wellbeing. 1. Choose Eggs for Breakfast “Eggs are a real super food, full of protein, nutrients and it is an integral part of diabetic lifestyle hacks” says our diabetologist. They’re high in vitamins A, D and B12, vital for healthy teeth, bones, muscles and …

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Winter Lurgies and Self Reliance

Share Winter lurgies are more likely to make us sick, because we’re huddled together indoors with the windows shut, to breathe in moisture from others’ breathing and spread infections. There is also evidence that viruses, such as the influenza virus, survive better in cold, dry weather and are therefore better able to invade our bodies. There are more infections in …

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