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Healthy Hormones to Trick Your Health

Share Healthy hormones are responsible for so much – from moods and menopause, to sleep and hunger. Healthy Hormones for Sleep: MELATONIN ‘When light levels drop in the evening, the pineal gland switches on the production of this sleep-inducing hormone,’ says our doctor and sleep expert. ‘It’s then released throughout the night, keeping you asleep until the morning.’ TAKE ACTION …

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Pancreatic Cancer, Avert It!

pancreatic cancer FI

Share Pancreatic cancer is caused by an abnormal growth within the large digestive system gland. The pancreas is a gland in the abdomen that secretes digestive enzymes into the gut and other hormones, including insulin, into the blood. Around 50% of all new cases of pancreatic cancer occur in over-75’s and it’s less common in people under 40. The most …

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Bursitis and Diabetes Pressures

Bursitis of the Knee Joint

Share The bursa is a fluid-filled sac under the skin, usually over the joints, which acts as a cushioning area around tendons and bones. Bursitis occurs when this covering becomes inflamed. The main symptoms include pain, swelling, tenderness and the joint under the bursa may feel stiff and the surrounding area may be red and warm. The pain is described …

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Diabetes Acceptance is a Journey

diabetes acceptance

Share Diabetes acceptance meant Janet Barnes slowly pushes the pedals on her bike, legs burning, eyes close to tears. She had absolutely no intention of stopping to rest, despite the blistering sun on her back. It was July 2019 and her best friend, Caroline, cycled just a bike-length ahead. Hot and exhausted, they were going through a tiny French village …

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Liver Disease Loosey-Goosey

Liver Disease

Share Your liver may be spared no thought. Hidden deep inside your body, it’s one of the least talked about organs. However, throughout the year, when you’re finding it hard to resist festive or holiday food and drink, it may be a good time to give it some thought. Diabetes is directly responsible for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Additional to …

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