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Blood Clot Focus and Spot

blood clots diabetes diabetic DVT venous

Share Blood clot, venous ones, can cause chronic disability, even death. Long term diseases such as heart and lung conditions or diabetes increases your risks. Here’s what to watch out for. Each year one in a thousand of us develops deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in the calf (around one in a 100 people over the age of 80 years). More …

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MRI Anxiety Can Go Right

diabetes mri scan tinnitus

Share MRI anxiety due to a scan required for tinnitus in my right ear, meant that I was subconsciously postponing the inevitable. Being diabetic I was aware that hearing loss could be linked to my disease. Finally, my consultant referred me because he wanted to rule out the possibility of a tumour. I waited six weeks and didn’t give the …

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Diabetes Remission by Losing Weight

diabetes remission

Share Diabetes remission is entirely possible and I was able to turn things around in my favour. I was on a trajectory from which I could not turn away as my weight rose steadily over many years. Nothing in particular triggered it. I just liked eating out a lot, loved high-fat and sugary foods and had no portion control. By …

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Healthier Heart Follows 12 Diet Disciplines

healthier heart

Share Try these 12 disciplines in your diabetic diet and your heart will thank you. A healthier heart is linked to what you eat, say nutritionists. Eating a Mediterranean inspired diet, foods high in fibre (fruit, veg, pulses, lentils) and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, seeds, avocados) as well as lean meats, low-fat dairy and oily fish, benefits a healthier …

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Blood Pressure the Silent Killer

blood pressure

Share Blood pressure kept under control is key to staying healthy, but the majority of us choose to ignore it. Do you know your blood pressure numbers? If the answer’s no, you’re not alone. Research has found that one in five of us are unaware of our vital readings, with an estimated seven million people, in the UK alone, living …

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