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Diabetic Health Tweaks to Start the New Year

diabetic health

Share Diabetic Health soon loses it’s allure and there are several reasons why most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by 12 January. Not even two weeks in and our motivation has already begun to falter. One of the main reasons is we tend to make extremely lofty promises. ‘Most of us create resolutions that are too “big” …

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Diabetes Symptoms Won’t Win!

Share Diabetes symptoms and a long battle later, Cynthia reveals why the last 12 months have been so special. It felt like a stand-off, waiting in my doctor’s surgery for him to say something. I was desperate for a word, a gesture, anything that would give away the results of my most recent tests. Then his face finally cracked and …

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Cottage Cheese Please

Cottage Cheese

Share Cottage cheese is low-cholesterol, low-fat and gluten free. Milk and dairy foods are great sources of protein, minerals and vitamins, especially for the vegetarian type 2 diabetics. It is an excellent choice for high-protein and lower-carb diets. This cheese is a well-known heat and acid-coagulated milk product that resembles soft cheese. It is rich in calcium, protein and helps …

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Diabetes Control Through the Sages

Share Diabetes control is found lacking due to the excessive use of sugar and the habit of not chewing food properly. Sweet foods and drinks can be taken in reasonable quantities and will not harm, if they are chewed properly in the mouth to be mixed with saliva. This habit must be formed by all persons from childhood. Further, in …

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Coeliac Disease and then the Penny…

coeliac disease

Share Coeliac disease is an immune reaction to dietary gluten which damages your gut lining. Why is it harder for diabetes patients? Balancing diet is more difficult, blood sugar is harder to control and managing both can be frustrating, leading to depression. Affecting at least one in 100 people, coeliac disease is genetically linked, although not directly inherited, meaning it …

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