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Balance Better with a Bit of Yoga


Share Balance is the ability to maintain steadiness. It is an essential need as we age. You need balance at every stage in life, whether you want to plant tomato saplings or you want to fetch the peppercorns from the top of the shelf. Maintaining your balance allows you to practise continuously, the complex activities you love, as well as …

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DI, The Other Diabetes


Share DI isn’t as well known as Type 1 and Type 2, but you should know about it. Unrelated to the more common diabetes mellitus, DI is a serious condition which occurs when the brain doesn’t produce enough antidiuretic hormone (ADH, also known as arginine vasopressin or AVP), called ‘cranial DI’, or the kidneys don’t respond to normal levels of …

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Happy Weight is an Adventure

healthy weight

Share Finding your ‘happy weight’ is about feeling good about yourself and your body not hitting a set weight on the scales. It’s about a size and shape that’s healthy and at which your body is comfortable. Fed up with failing when it comes to losing some weight and keeping it off? Use a new approach. What’s YOUR happy weight …

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Impotency and the Waist Line

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Share Until recently, a man unable to develop or sustain an erection sufficient for penetrative sexual intercourse has been referred to as ‘impotent’. This term, however, has negative connotations which imply a general loss of prowess in other domains of mental and physical function. Although the problem is most commonly the result of isolated malfunction of penile erection, diminished or …

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Antioxidant Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

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Share Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) is a natural molecule consisting of a five-membered cyclic disulphide and hydrocarbon tail ending with a carboxylic acid group. Hence, lipoic acid is a predominantly lipophilic molecule having an amphipathic character due to its carboxylic acid group attached to the ring structure. Lipoic acid is present in our diet mainly in animal foods such as …

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