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Diabetes Symptoms Won’t Win!

Share Diabetes symptoms and a long battle later, Cynthia reveals why the last 12 months have been so special. It felt like a stand-off, waiting in my doctor’s surgery for him to say something. I was desperate for a word, a gesture, anything that would give away the results of my most recent tests. Then his face finally cracked and …

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Diabetes Control Through the Sages

Share Diabetes control is found lacking due to the excessive use of sugar and the habit of not chewing food properly. Sweet foods and drinks can be taken in reasonable quantities and will not harm, if they are chewed properly in the mouth to be mixed with saliva. This habit must be formed by all persons from childhood. Further, in …

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Haematuria, Blood in Urine is Nature’s Warning Sign

Haematuria Blood in Urine is Nature's Warning Sign

Share Peeing blood when you pass urine is quite common, but alarming. Many of us get occasional or recurrent blood in urine (haematuria) which can’t be seen with the naked eye, but is only detectable with a urinary dipstick and is often a surprise discovery made during tests for other conditions. Either way, any sign of blood in urine (haematuria) …

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5 Tips for Managing Diabetes

managing diabetes

Share Here are 5 steps to make your life with diabetes much better. Tip #1. Knowing your diabetes. It is very important to know what is managing diabetes and what it can do to your body. If you have never been to a teaching program or if you feel like you need a refresher course, ask your healthcare provider to …

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Management of Type 2 Diabetes

management of type 2 diabetes

Share Management of type 2 diabetes goals of care are to prevent complications and optimize quality of life. Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes sugar, in the form of glucose to accumulate in the blood rather than being used as fuel by the cells in our body. The goal of type 2 diabetes management is to safely …

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