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Balance Better with a Bit of Yoga


Share Balance is the ability to maintain steadiness. It is an essential need as we age. You need balance at every stage in life, whether you want to plant tomato saplings or you want to fetch the peppercorns from the top of the shelf. Maintaining your balance allows you to practise continuously, the complex activities you love, as well as …

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Anti-ageing and Diabetic Self Esteem


Share “I’m 58 and struggling to keep in shape. When I was young, people used to say my looks opened doors. Now I’m overweight and miss the figure I had. I have diabetes so I can’t move around as easily and I don’t have the energy I did. Coupled with looking wrinkled, I know people think I’ve let myself go. …

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Diabetes Acceptance is a Journey

diabetes acceptance

Share Diabetes acceptance meant Janet Barnes slowly pushes the pedals on her bike, legs burning, eyes close to tears. She had absolutely no intention of stopping to rest, despite the blistering sun on her back. It was July 2019 and her best friend, Caroline, cycled just a bike-length ahead. Hot and exhausted, they were going through a tiny French village …

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MRI Anxiety Can Go Right

diabetes mri scan tinnitus

Share MRI anxiety due to a scan required for tinnitus in my right ear, meant that I was subconsciously postponing the inevitable. Being diabetic I was aware that hearing loss could be linked to my disease. Finally, my consultant referred me because he wanted to rule out the possibility of a tumour. I waited six weeks and didn’t give the …

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Diabetes Remission by Losing Weight

diabetes remission

Share Diabetes remission is entirely possible and I was able to turn things around in my favour. I was on a trajectory from which I could not turn away as my weight rose steadily over many years. Nothing in particular triggered it. I just liked eating out a lot, loved high-fat and sugary foods and had no portion control. By …

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