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Hormone Replacement Therapy, The Big Rethink

hormone replacement therapy

Share Forget everything you thought you knew about hormone replacement therapy. Views on their risks and benefits are changing. Studies show that HRT is associated with significant decrease in serum fasting glucose and fructosamine levels in diabetic patients. There are no detrimental effects of transdermal HRT on lipid profile, glucose metabolism C-reactive protein and urine protein levels in well-managed diabetic …

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Modifying Texture Boosts Satiety for Diabetics


Share Humans demonstrate texture-specific satiety. We use the sensory aspect of foods to estimate when we will be full and prevent over-eating; taste, texture, visual, warm and odour. Diabetic satiety is when we learn to stop eating – which stops intake. However, hunger creates hedonic learning of what we like to eat, which increases in-take. Reshaping the texture of well-liked …

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Diabetic Can’t be Bothered to Exercise!!?

diabetic exercise

Share I’m a very reluctant exerciser. I keep reading that exercise is good for us diabetics and I’m sure that’s true. I’m 62 and want to stay as healthy as I can and I’m forever making plans, but it just doesn’t happen. I’ve joined a gym more than once and wasted money by not going; I’ve joined classes and I …

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Mother Doesn’t Eat Right Anymore

eat right

Share My diabetic mother is only in her 60’s, but she says she doesn’t need healthy food any more. Is she right? We wonder what’s behind her sudden decision? Is she fed up with following self imposed dietary restrictions (for example, cutting out carbs), or is cost an issue? Many people believe the nationally recommended adult diet (including five-plus daily portions …

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Manage Diabetes from a Nurse’s Point of View

manage diabetes

Share When I first qualified as a nurse I worked in coronary care and saw a lot of acute heart problems. Most patients had type 2 diabetes, which encouraged their cardiac problems. I wanted to move more into prevention and health promotion so I did a degree in practice nursing, with a course in Diabetes. I started seeing diabetic patients …

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