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Fat and Diabetes: The Evolution

fat and diabetes

Share For fat and diabetes we have a general cultural abhorrence today, which is a very recent trend. Mothers exemplify this and children grow up being afraid of fat and diabetes. Removing egg yolks and no ice cream, but instead frozen yogurt. Yet, biologists have come to appreciate that without fat we’d be dead. Without fat, humans wouldn’t be the …

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Share Sugars, is it really fair to describe it as a treat, considering how much we eat it all year round? Let’s talk about Halloween, we know what that’s really about. Candy, sweets and sugar treats. This Halloween, Americans will spend $2.2 billion on candy alone! Today the average American consumes 22 teaspoons of sugars a day. Three times what …

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7 Health Gadgets for Good Diabetic Investment

health gadgets

Share There’s plenty of equipment available to help our health and these health gadgets are really worth forking out for… BLOOD PRESSURE MONITOR A quarter of us have high blood pressure, explain doctors. It’s a major cause of cardiovascular disease heart attacks, strokes, peripheral vascular disease, kidney failure, blindness, vascular dementia and a complication of diabetes. The only reliable way …

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Are We Proceeding on Too Many Drugs? Take a Chillaxitive instead


Share Half of us take at least one daily prescription drug. The figures are startling. More than a quarter of us take at least three drugs regularly, according to a recent survey and many pensioners take five or more. Although many people won’t take any drug unless it’s essential, over 1.1 billion prescriptions are issued each year in England alone, …

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Detox Your Body Everyday


Share HEALTHY LIFESTYLE If you feel regularly exhausted, needing revitalization, then a detox or a cleanse is in order. Liver supplements gives you the opportunity to do this gently and preferably daily, particularly for diabetics, to kill fat and blood pressure. Each day, our liver toils incessantly in its activity to remove waste products, toxins that occur in our bodies …

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