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Holistic Diabetic Care

Hay Fever DIY! Help Without Pills

hay fever

Share Hay fever and antihistamines do not affect diabetes and blood sugar, however, if you are sleepy you might not be self-aware of high or low blood sugar symptoms. Be ready for whatever the hay fever season throws at you. Including thunderfever. Count yourself as one of the lucky ones who never suffers with hay fever? You could be in …

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Energy Boosters for Diabetics DIY Easy

energy boosters

Share Energy boosters are perfect if you are fed up with feeling tired. Try these easy DIY pick-me-ups to restore your get-up-and-go. 1. Get moving Exercise is probably the last thing you feel like doing when you’re tired, but exercise is one of the body’s best energisers, thanks to the feel-good chemicals triggered when you get moving. Energy boosters: Get …

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A Healthy Old Age Mentality

healthy old age

Share Healthy old age mentality is a tricky-dicky. Lifespan has soared, if we reach 65 years, women can expect to live for another 21 years (19 for men). For many of us, ageing comes at a cost — one or more long-term illnesses, disabilities and/or multiple medications. Some of these are bad luck, for example, those linked to accidents or …

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Crystal Power, Energy, Equanimity and Diabetes


Share Crystal healing is much more mainstream now than it was 20 years ago, but I’ve always been drawn to them. First, when I was travelling in my early 20’s and when I worked in Morocco, sitting outside a shop with semiprecious stones to entice tourists. Then, 20 years later when I was at an alternative therapies event, someone was …

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Fat and Diabetes: The Evolution

fat and diabetes

Share For fat and diabetes we have a general cultural abhorrence today, which is a very recent trend. Mothers exemplify this and children grow up being afraid of fat and diabetes. Removing egg yolks and no ice cream, but instead frozen yogurt. Yet, biologists have come to appreciate that without fat we’d be dead. Without fat, humans wouldn’t be the …

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