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Vaccines are Rewarding

Share Vaccines train your body to fight germs faster. With flu season just around the corner, our expert reveals why it’s time to get immunised. If you have diabetes, you could have serious problems if you get sick. In 2017 and 2018, the flu virus left more than 2,000 diabetics in intensive care and now, Public Health experts have warned …

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Diabetes and Mental Health Issues at Work

diabetes and mental health

Share Mental health is the Silent Problem. One in four employees, experience mental health troubles. “Stress, anxiety and depression are the top mental health issues I come across in the workplace.” The numbers of managers ringing our helpline at the consultancy firm — about people in their teams with these issues — has grown enormously over the past five years. These …

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Diabetic Lifestyle Hacks for the Recession

diabetic lifestyle hacks

Share Diabetic lifestyle hacks are those small healthy tweaks that add-up to big improvements in your wellbeing. 1. Choose Eggs for Breakfast “Eggs are a real super food, full of protein, nutrients and it is an integral part of diabetic lifestyle hacks” says our diabetologist. They’re high in vitamins A, D and B12, vital for healthy teeth, bones, muscles and …

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Winter Lurgies and Self Reliance

Share Winter lurgies are more likely to make us sick, because we’re huddled together indoors with the windows shut, to breathe in moisture from others’ breathing and spread infections. There is also evidence that viruses, such as the influenza virus, survive better in cold, dry weather and are therefore better able to invade our bodies. There are more infections in …

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Diabetic Health Tweaks to Start the New Year

diabetic health

Share Diabetic Health soon loses it’s allure and there are several reasons why most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions by 12 January. Not even two weeks in and our motivation has already begun to falter. One of the main reasons is we tend to make extremely lofty promises. ‘Most of us create resolutions that are too “big” …

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